Mano a Mano in El Baño at 12 NOON EST

Old spice guy Isaiah Mustafa accepts challenge from Fabio. Today at noon(in EST) two old spices guys are having challenge in Old Spice YouTube Channel.

Is it going to be another video or interactive game? or even a live stream of the actual fight? Nothing has been known yet, but I can’t leave out the excitement it will bring! See you back in 15 hours!

Old Spice: Challenge

Old Spice: Challenge accepted

Old Spice: Mano a Mano in El Baño


This is how it ended: The Old Spice guy wins!
This Must End


Need help with digestion? Find Angry bird

Although my fever for Angry bird has been calm down for several days, Angry bird now has become the ad model for Gastrovet, a pharmaceutical company in Ecuador. If you have hard time digesting either beef, chicken or pork, please remember to take the medicine!

Advertising Agency: Maksim Fulltime, Guayaquil Ecuador
Chief Creative Officers: Jimmy Landaburu, Chuck Vallarino
Executive Creative Directors: Jimmy Landaburu
Art Director: Jimmy Landaburu
Copywriter: Freddy Ordoñez
Illustrator: Jimmy Landaburu
Account manager: Maria Isabel Amaya

To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It

To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It  by AMY JO MARTIN (HBR)

How do you do that? You start by avoiding these three common misconceptions… (Full Article)

“Investing in social media can’t save me money.” Wrong. In fact, costs savings are the low-hanging fruit for monetizing social media. It’s remarkably easy, with minimal investment, to decrease your spend on research, customer service and advertising.

“I have to build a huge following to monetize social media, and I can’t do that.” Wrong. Social media is not a popularity contest. Followers don’t equal influence. Don’t make this a volume game. Compete on how much value you can offer and how much trust you can build (more to come; I will share metrics on this in a future post). Focusing on delivering value when, where and how your audience wants to receive it is a far better strategy than focusing on growing the number of followers you have.

“I can just re-use my traditional marketing in social media channels.” Wrong. Traditional branding focuses on logos. Social media branding must be focused on people. Humanize your brandis the golden rule of social media, because humans connect with humans, not logos. Traditional marketing has always approached branding as a way to control the message. Certainly the executives who are asked to share themselves and their personalities through social media struggle becoming comfortable with this (except maybe Shaq). But it’s crucial for a brand to provide access to its personalities in some capacity because logos have zero ability to socialize.

Common creatives for hybrid cars: Fart

On commercials, fart often appears in comparison of CO2 Emission. It’s easy, friendly way of explaining the benefit of hybrid cars. I want more of these cases for fun! lol

(and of course, other exceptional creative which totally deviates from the ‘Fart’ theme!)

Toyota Prius – Israel

Hyundai Sonata hybrid – S.Korea