Will Google be a threat to Ad agencies?

We all have been expecting this. Ever since google jumped into mobile ad business, we expected that Google will be a new competitor in advertising field. And as the first step, Google has signed off for the new Heineken Global ad.

According to AD Age’s article the deal covers at least 20 countries and calls for the brewer to advertise on Google platforms, including YouTube, in return for consulting services, including audience targeting and joint research projects. Heineken ranks No. 86 on Ad Age’s list of the top 100 global advertiser.($351.1 million in measured media spending, 2009)

Many of admen see this move as a threat and we should be worried. Especially for media agencies, this might become worst nightmare. Google is to use their know-how on analytics in measuring effectiveness on consumer insights. If creative agencies also get access to those data, some partnership could be settled. (In a way, creative agencies will depend on Google) On the other hand, media agencies that do not provide thorough analytics will eventually be out of sight. Moreover, along with YouTube and Google Ad Mob that are gaining more pies in the media market, and if Google get direct deal with client as Heineken existing media will be able to avoid the consequences of losing profit.

For creative agencies, yes we do have great ideas to surprise people, but we also have admit that we don’t have enough analytic data to support what advertisers in need. Also if we consider Google Creative lab happens to be the first advertiser to win Cannes lion for projects such as THE WILDERNESS DOWNTOWN, CHROME SPEED TEST, Google has declared war as the new creative group in the market.( maybe we just didn’t want admit the truth…)

What should we do? Get ready for the bitter competition!

P.S. Hey Google! DON’T BE EVIL!

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