Steve Jobs has resigned and yes, I will remember the days

Steve Jobs announced resignation on 24th August, 2011.

The man has changed history of IT with legendary Mac & iPod, iPhone and ground breaking iPad. His fundamental belief in design and excellent creativeness has captured many of the fans all over world. There’s has been several life risking surgeries, yet he managed to overcome the difficulties and stand strong as the guru in Apple. His latest biography will be released in November and its pre-order is on going in iTunes($16.99) as well as in Amazon in hard cover($17.88) – I’m definitely going to get one.

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Greenpeace: White is the new green

White is the new green. Simply painting your roof white reflects the sun’s rays, which helps cool down the environment. in the fight against global warming, one degree cooler in our cities equates to three degrees cooler at the poles. Which means a better chance of survival for animals like the Arctic Fox, whose home is melting at a rapid rate.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg, South Africa

Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Mike Martin
Art Director: Marianne van Onselen
Copywriter: Stephanie van Niekerk
Retoucher: Paul Vermeulen
Photographer: Mike Lewis
Published: June 2010

Mountain Rider: Frozen Trash

Small, yet big idea to make people take some actions! Let’s make greener planet!

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France

Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Creative Directors: Florent ImbertEmmanuel Lalleve
Copywriter: Didier Aerts
Art Director: Alexandra Offe
Account supervisors: Celine Colin, Nathalie Bousquet

Catalogs get a Google upgrade!

When we talk about catalogs, yes it does impact on sales tremendously, but we were also neglecting it over other marketing tools. However, Google has taken catalogs to a whole new level.

Introducing Google Catalogs, you can learn and shop product in more interactive and creative way. It let’s you buy right off the catalog, or help you with finding nearest store. It’s rather a interactive magazine full of fun! Currently its partners are famous Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma, Sephora, Macy’s etc.

Introducing Google Catalogs

You could also make collage out of things you favor and share it with your friends. Available in apple store, free of charge. You can visit the official site to learn more about it!

What’s important is when Google takes the Catalogs to locals like they did with many other services, Google will become the gigantic mediator of e-commerce industry. And as many of its partners bring out more success stories on their sales improvement, the presence of Google catalog will become more prominent.

What good is all the fun, eye-catching cases when sales won’t go up!(and I’m talking about Old Spice. But I have no doubt in importance of branding.) As time goes by, Google is becoming a very handy like a Swiss Army knife in business.

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Awesome Note & Evernote

I’ve been looking for ways to organize myself, more in digital way, and I’ve recently started to use Awesome note & Evernote as personal memo / strategy planners.

Thanks to sync system between the two, I use awesome note from iPhone, and use Evernote on PC. At first, it was really strange, but after I knew that Chrome browser had Evernote app, it started to come together. For short term, they allow me to organize and record things around me and help me to find times to get thing done. It’s all small, but the satisfaction after small success gives you motivation to want some more.

And now, it’s time to make a move. My first mission is to achieve 3 personal goals in 3 months, to earn some meaningful achievements as in result of changing memo habit. Of course this wouldn’t be an excuse to not writing any posts on my blog. I will continue to fit in the schedule to make all happen. :)

Let’s do this!!