YouTube Movie is coming: Life in a Day

Last year’s sensation of Life in a Day project directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott on the events of millions people on a day, 24 July 2010 is about to meet us in theaters! According to the showing schedule, it’s only available in U.S. Region yet, but they have submit form that you can send in your zip codes for additional theaters.

Another thing that I found out was that YouTube started to serve a new channel for Movies specifically: YouTube Movies.

Maybe making of the whole YouTube movie was an idea to promote their new service, and even if your region is not included in their movie theater coverage, there’s a chance that it might be available on YouTube movie channel.

In order to spread the words and make many people to see the film as much as possible, YouTube is also gathering marketing volunteers to help promote and spread the word of mouth. I just signed up for the form, and I really hope to take part of it! It will be absolutely exciting just to be in the project!

No one can guarantee that this movie will be a mega hit in every regions, but one thing that’s sure is that it is a life worth experience to witness the day of many lives in the world.

check out the trailer.( I just fall in love even with this single trailer.)


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