Awesome Note & Evernote

I’ve been looking for ways to organize myself, more in digital way, and I’ve recently started to use Awesome note & Evernote as personal memo / strategy planners.

Thanks to sync system between the two, I use awesome note from iPhone, and use Evernote on PC. At first, it was really strange, but after I knew that Chrome browser had Evernote app, it started to come together. For short term, they allow me to organize and record things around me and help me to find times to get thing done. It’s all small, but the satisfaction after small success gives you motivation to want some more.

And now, it’s time to make a move. My first mission is to achieve 3 personal goals in 3 months, to earn some meaningful achievements as in result of changing memo habit. Of course this wouldn’t be an excuse to not writing any posts on my blog. I will continue to fit in the schedule to make all happen. :)

Let’s do this!!


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