[Infographic] How Google Affects Our Memory

Is Google making us Stupid? I think it’s more like how internet affects on our brain. After we’ve been using internet, we have tremendous amount knowledge in access but, we have lost the sense of thinking into deep core of the fundamental concepts of the world. Which means, as years pass by it easy to find Mr.Know-it-all but it’s hard to find serious philosophers in our time.

Internet should be used as an useful tool to help integrate based on one’s fundamental knowledge and thought. It could help you find the ways, but it shouldn’t be only way to generate shallow stereotypes.

Below is the infographic of the facts that Google’s influence on our memory, and I put my book recommendation regards to the issue, The Shallows. Check it out!

<Book Recommendation>

The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr


Plus, here’s latest star of Internet. Click to see the live infographic.


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