Get back on the track

I must say, for the past few months, there has been nothing sweet to write about.

Although I was literally living in full of news and countless moments, I still remained mute.

However, I also like to keep records about things that I care about, and blog

I cannot guarantee that this spirit will last long enough, but I will throw away all the burden of

“being articulate ” and feel free to post whatever I feel sweet about!


Habit to success: small is the big

It’s been a while since I started to write this blog.
Hoping to have thousands of posts later on.

Shamefully I have not published a post a day.
However, I had many posts that I have not published, so I was morning myself with that. Although little, now I have some readers that visit me and giving cheers with comments. I’m very sure, if I have really pulled it together, I probalbly had a bettet result.

In fact writing blog isn’t my only goal.
Learning a new language, reading bible or books, getting certification for translation, work out 2 times a week and so on. However, I have my own job and it was not easy to continue what I’m not used to do. As result, like many other, I’ve only accomplished little, so little that I’m not proud of myself at all.

Life is not lottery. Mountain won’t pile up itself in a day, unless God has any intention of doing it so. I have to confess that I’ve been trying to find shortscuts instead of enduring pain of repetitive cycle. But today, I’m commiting myself that I will be different.

Today’s move makes tomorrow. What you do now will affect who we are in the future.
If you do what you have to do today, it will change your life.

Since I know the secret of winning my ife, I have no reason to be lazy. If you need some help, ask out your family or friends or even to me!

Small is the big, and I will show you. Very soon.