Meet the painting robot: David

We had few line drawing robots back in the time, but this I would like to call THE Artist.

Meet David:


Holiday e-Commerce by the Numbers

Mobile’s pie of contributing e-Commerce is getting bigger each year. With the black Friday two days ahead, eMarketer has came up with the e-shopping trend in holiday season.

The significant numbers show that  52% of using smartphone as assistant shopping tool yet not many of companies have developed special shopping assistance apps(19%). As you see how people are using smartphone, they search and compare goods or up for the coupons, but the actual purchase does not usually occur on smartphone. Beside, it is not easy to integrate mobile store to the exiting eCommerce system. So companies don’t find no reason to hurry the contruction.

Nonetheless, as the velocity of eCommerce on mobile is getting high,  it is necessary for companies to work on shopping assistance apps for smartphone as soon possible, and I’m guessing within the next 6 months. If it’s still a burden to make it happen, one product a day would also work fine to attract favorable users to join or limited numbers product that’s only available in mobiles. Good luck to you all!


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Destiny of Flash: Would it end just like that?

According to Mashable, The latest version of Google’s mobile platform, Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, lacks a Flash player, and there’s currently no option to download it from the Android Market.

Although Google explains that Flash player update is been delayed a bit, but it is evident that Android 4.0 will be the last version of that operating system to feature the Flash Mobile Player. As you know, Window 7 smartphone does not support flash player as well.

It is HTML5 which is likes to replace what’s been done by flash, and it’s seems that HTML5 has a lot of potential to enhance the web experience. As you know, Google’s services, including YouTube, has been remodeled with HTML5 long time ago. And for the needs of standardization, the velocity of HTML5 is going fast in many of brand & promotion website these days.

But is it going to just blown away like that? How about many developers who defended on their career with flash? Or does Adobe working on flash converter program for the existing users?

As Adobe announced on 10th of  November, it will no longer support mobile web browser and will focus on PC & mobile application. From it’s latest update, many people complimented on its’ new 3D feature that could also be used to develop high-end flash 3D games. However, I don’t think this is a long term counterattack for the company.

What’s good about HTML5 is usually described with three benefits: It’s easy, It’s fast, and it works in all platform. As devices gets more vary, developers will tend to work in one format, which would be HTML5, simply because it is time consuming to develop exact same contents in two different format. Why develop two versions when you can make one and use it for all?

Flash will not end just right away, but  definitely it’s losing in the power game.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is out

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the CEO of the Aspen Institut,  is out. Below I put links to bookstores you could reach. For me, I pre-ordered book from iTunes, so I’m going to get e-book, but I’m also planning to buy in hardcover book in Korean. I wish to share more stories from Steve Jobs’ book later on. (Adios, Steve)

SIRI: Apple’s real weapon is coming

Not long after iPhone4S been out, Apple has hit us with a new app called SIRI. Siri is a new app that will be included with the iPhone 4S. This app is a new way to control your phone with your voice. Instead of just dictating a message to your phone, you can ask your iPhone to do stuff for you.

It Literally it understands the context of sentence you say and interact with you and this is much more advanced than Google voice action. Although the app is part of iOS5,  it is only available on the iPhone 4S. It works in English, French and German, and will extends its service in Korea, Chinese, Japanese by 2012.


If you watch the video above, SIRI acts like your personal assistant. Here are just a few of the things you can ask Siri to do:

  • Ask for a Reminder – At a specific time or place
  • Ask to send a text
  • Ask or the weather
  • Ask for information – Like a restaurant
  • Ask to schedule a meeting
  • Ask to send an email
  • Ask for someone’s number
  • Ask to set an alarm
  • Ask for directions
  • Ask to set a timer
  • Ask about your stocks
  • Ask to play a playlist
  • Ask about Siri

Find out more about SIRI on
Here’s a fun experiment done by LAAN Lab. They hecked SIRI to door lock system so that you could freely close/open door with your voice commanded SMS. It takes a while to process, but given the thought it is only a initial experiement, it’s something to keep your eye on.

Shame on me, Shame on Apple!

I could not keep my promise: a post a day. I don’t want to make excuse out me all the time but I’ll have to say sorry this time.

The last couple of days has been the most crazy yet exciting times. At work, we had 24h of brainstorming, sharing ideas and came up with brilliant plans. Because of that, it’s going to make my words even hard to keep, but I will at least make extra time to keep up with my blog as well.

Thank you for all the supports with comment, I really appreciate that. I will really try to make the best of Sweet Ideas as possible.

By the way, Apple should be sorry about their new iPhone4s. What? The only difference is 800 pix camera resolution and price? Shame on Apple! I think people who were expecting Apple’s new & innovative move must have been disappointed.

I just wish to be it’s an counteract with Samsung lawsuit revenge. Hopefully after all the legal issues solved between the two companies, Apple will come up with much innovative iPhone5.