SIRI: Apple’s real weapon is coming

Not long after iPhone4S been out, Apple has hit us with a new app called SIRI. Siri is a new app that will be included with the iPhone 4S. This app is a new way to control your phone with your voice. Instead of just dictating a message to your phone, you can ask your iPhone to do stuff for you.

It Literally it understands the context of sentence you say and interact with you and this is much more advanced than Google voice action. Although the app is part of iOS5,  it is only available on the iPhone 4S. It works in English, French and German, and will extends its service in Korea, Chinese, Japanese by 2012.


If you watch the video above, SIRI acts like your personal assistant. Here are just a few of the things you can ask Siri to do:

  • Ask for a Reminder – At a specific time or place
  • Ask to send a text
  • Ask or the weather
  • Ask for information – Like a restaurant
  • Ask to schedule a meeting
  • Ask to send an email
  • Ask for someone’s number
  • Ask to set an alarm
  • Ask for directions
  • Ask to set a timer
  • Ask about your stocks
  • Ask to play a playlist
  • Ask about Siri

Find out more about SIRI on
Here’s a fun experiment done by LAAN Lab. They hecked SIRI to door lock system so that you could freely close/open door with your voice commanded SMS. It takes a while to process, but given the thought it is only a initial experiement, it’s something to keep your eye on.


Shame on me, Shame on Apple!

I could not keep my promise: a post a day. I don’t want to make excuse out me all the time but I’ll have to say sorry this time.

The last couple of days has been the most crazy yet exciting times. At work, we had 24h of brainstorming, sharing ideas and came up with brilliant plans. Because of that, it’s going to make my words even hard to keep, but I will at least make extra time to keep up with my blog as well.

Thank you for all the supports with comment, I really appreciate that. I will really try to make the best of Sweet Ideas as possible.

By the way, Apple should be sorry about their new iPhone4s. What? The only difference is 800 pix camera resolution and price? Shame on Apple! I think people who were expecting Apple’s new & innovative move must have been disappointed.

I just wish to be it’s an counteract with Samsung lawsuit revenge. Hopefully after all the legal issues solved between the two companies, Apple will come up with much innovative iPhone5.

How’s Google+ doing?

Infographic on Google+ is out today! I’m a huge fan of Google, but I’ve got to admit that there were a lot sarcasm around the new born,Google+.

Will it threat facebook or is it  just another experiemental service that would fade out like Gmail or Buzz? According to the infographic, Google+ is popular in U.S and India, and Europe, Brazil, yet it falls little short on breaking the strongholds of Facebook.

In brands’ activities, both in numbers & scales, are compatibly smaller than Facebook. Marketers do have interest in brand Google+ but, still have doubts about buzz power of the service. Will Google+ gain more share in social network war field?  In order to do so, they might have figure out ways to bring up more than 20% of female users.

Users like myself feel much easier with facebook for sharing status & photo, not to mention variety of application experiences of brands. My social life depends heavily on iPhone & iPad, yet Google+ is like toddler, it’s nothing compare to Facebook apps.  I think Google+ isn’t compatible with Facebook, rather it’s rival with twitter. While Facebook enables to share intimate moments of life, Google+ shows its strong point in sharing News by journalists or bloggers, which is also a forte for twitter.

Then, will Google+ overcome twitter? I doubt that, too. On twitter’s strong ecosystem by third party groups, coming October, iOS5 will be updated with twitter as its default social network service and this measure will eventually effect on Google+. (I don’t think facebook will be harmed by iOS 5 update as much as Google+ does.) To win the battle, Google+ will have to figure out ways to squeeze into people’s lives in smartphone, multiples devices that we use.

Will it blend into lives or not? That’s the question.

Steve Jobs has resigned and yes, I will remember the days

Steve Jobs announced resignation on 24th August, 2011.

The man has changed history of IT with legendary Mac & iPod, iPhone and ground breaking iPad. His fundamental belief in design and excellent creativeness has captured many of the fans all over world. There’s has been several life risking surgeries, yet he managed to overcome the difficulties and stand strong as the guru in Apple. His latest biography will be released in November and its pre-order is on going in iTunes($16.99) as well as in Amazon in hard cover($17.88) – I’m definitely going to get one.

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