Major Facebook upgrade. Good or Bad?

Thanks to Facebook, I can be connected to my close family & friends who live abroad and at least know how things are around with people who I care. It’s the most popular social service in connecting people all around the world.

And just last week, Facebook has announced some new features that would change our way of sharing life. (You can watch Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation on f8 Facebook.)

Although Facebook has made progressive changes over the past years, this one,  many experts describe it as the “innovation of Facebook” . This update could make Facebook a life style changer for all of us.

So here, I would like to list up on three major updates and talk likes and dislikes about them.

1) A new way to show your Profile: Timeline

Timeline is a new feature of your profile, which enables to share your life in chronicle. From the latest activities to your birthday, you can update lifetime memories whenever you want. First thought that got crossed my mind was that I should move all of photos from my old social platform, Cyworld. It was always my burden to organize my memories in one place, and I thought maybe I should settle down on Facebook.

But then, really, do I want to share my whole life with a stranger? I don’ think so. Instead, I’d put my personal picture on my cloud server, keep it more personal. However, it’s one great way to present your life!

2)   ‘Like’ isn’t the only option: Open-Graph upgraded

(*open-graph is FB’s algorithm for sharing and connecting with people)

From the very first day of October, on Facebook, [Like] is not going to be your only option.

“I’m reading ______”, “I’m watching_______”, “I’m listening to _____”

All of the actions above, you’ll be able to share with friends on the Facebook. What’s good about it? Exact types of contents will be clarified & shared as useful recommendation to your friends!

Moreover, Facebook partnered with third-party companies to offer live streaming music or movie ticketing, so you can just click & join whatever your friends were doing. So I think this is an evolutionary upgrade for F-commerce. (Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that e-commerce is the next big thing, and now he came back with his ultimate business model, better than any of social commerce services so far!)

However, getting notice of every single actions that your friends make could be an annoying experience as well. (I’ve already got several notices, and it’s already giving me headache.)  To make information more usefully, Facebook should stop sending all the notices and make different tabs to categorize actions such as places, foods, event. So it could be used as social guidance to new services recommended by close friends.

Brands will get benefit from open-graph as well.

Now brands might reduce promotional apps, and develop service platforms based on Facebook app to integrate themselves people’s timeline. This way, brands could use Facebook not only for their branding, but also to sell out their services on f-commerce. Music, books, tickets are first to go in this upgrade, and it could be followed by multiples of other services both for big & small business.

(Updated 9/28) Here’s how brand facebook will look like with Timeline feature. It got more branding elements, more freedom to customize factors fit into your brand.


3) Newsfeed on Facebook:  Ticker

I really think ticker is a brilliant feature. Now I don’t have to follow every small moves that people are making. On the core, it’s actually very similar to twitter tweet feed. You can scroll down to read news feeds and click the ones that catches your attention. If you don’t want see it, you just have to close down the button. But it already earned some haters, and now chrome browser features ticker remover app : p

Now, it’s totally up to you

In general, most of the upgrades are positive changes in using Facebook. Though some of us will have struggle to get acquainted with new features. It’s not a matter of privacy, on a scale from zero to everything. Nobody wants get isolated, yet we constantly worry about leaking our privacy. How would you like it to be? It’s totally up to you now.

** F8 conference will be held in Seoul, Korea on Wednesday, October 5 · 10:30am – 7:00pm. Sign up here.