Destiny of Flash: Would it end just like that?

According to Mashable, The latest version of Google’s mobile platform, Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, lacks a Flash player, and there’s currently no option to download it from the Android Market.

Although Google explains that Flash player update is been delayed a bit, but it is evident that Android 4.0 will be the last version of that operating system to feature the Flash Mobile Player. As you know, Window 7 smartphone does not support flash player as well.

It is HTML5 which is likes to replace what’s been done by flash, and it’s seems that HTML5 has a lot of potential to enhance the web experience. As you know, Google’s services, including YouTube, has been remodeled with HTML5 long time ago. And for the needs of standardization, the velocity of HTML5 is going fast in many of brand & promotion website these days.

But is it going to just blown away like that? How about many developers who defended on their career with flash? Or does Adobe working on flash converter program for the existing users?

As Adobe announced on 10th of  November, it will no longer support mobile web browser and will focus on PC & mobile application. From it’s latest update, many people complimented on its’ new 3D feature that could also be used to develop high-end flash 3D games. However, I don’t think this is a long term counterattack for the company.

What’s good about HTML5 is usually described with three benefits: It’s easy, It’s fast, and it works in all platform. As devices gets more vary, developers will tend to work in one format, which would be HTML5, simply because it is time consuming to develop exact same contents in two different format. Why develop two versions when you can make one and use it for all?

Flash will not end just right away, but  definitely it’s losing in the power game.